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Transport Agreement from Next Steps

When we are asked to provide transport by the local authorities

This Transportation Services Agreement between the local authority (Client) and Next Steps (Service Provider) is in effect as of the child’s start date and will commence upon request of transport or invoice paid for the transport. Both parties will be responsible for the following terms and conditions:


Transporter Responsibility

As checked by the local authorities quality assurance teams next steps will be

 responsible for the following terms and conditions as follows:

  • Next Steps will transport, via taxi or own transport the child too all designated areas as provided by service provider unless otherwise stated.

  • Next Steps will be responsible for all fuel and maintenance of vehicles deployed for above transportation.

  • Next Steps will maintain insurance of all vehicles being deployed under this contract and upon request will furnish proof of such insurance to Client.

  • All transportation will commence within 24 hours of notification by Client deemed qualified to deploy said transportation.

Client Responsibility

Local Authorities will pay for any costs of transportation such as toll roads, or any unforeseen road fees. Full payment for all loads conducted will be subject invoice payment terms.

We require 14 days’ notice to terminate this agreement by the local authority unless it is with the notice period to start transport.

In the event of an disagreement arising out of this contract, the parties agree to Negotiate a settlement of this agreement, or failing to reach a settlement legal action will be taken.

Termination of Agreement

Client reserves the right to terminate this contract at any point with prior written 14-day notification.

Should the local authorities paying for transport not have a written agreement i place then his will be the agreement by both parties as it is displayed on our web site as from the date the transport started.

Agreed from September 2017

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